Stephen Johnson, classical music writer and broadcaster

Welcome to my website

It's taken a very long time to get this website up and running, mostly because I just couldn't think what to put on the home page. Fortunately a good friend, Ray Tallis, rushed to the rescue. So, with many thanks, Ray, I'll hand over to you.

Stephen Johnson

A Fan Writes

"I first encountered Stephen Johnson one happy afternoon several years ago. I was in a long queue waiting to dump my rubbish at the municipal tip. I switched on Radio 3 and someone was talking about Sibelius on a programme called ‘Discovering Music’. I was riveted and suddenly became anxious that I was getting near to the head of the queue and would soon have to break off listening. So I drove past the beckoning silos and re-joined the queue at the back, greatly relieved to discover that it was now very long and I could hear out the programme to the end. Since then, I have listened to Stephen many times, with enormous pleasure, and a deepened understanding of music." Continued here »

Raymond Tallis
Ray Tallis
(Physician, clinical neuroscientist and philosopher)